Timber Products

We carry an extensive range of timber products in stock to ensure swift and effortless supply wherever and whenever they are needed.



  • KD Graded C16/C24 Whitewood – Rough Sawn
  • KD Graded C16/C24 Redwood – Rough Sawn
  • KD Graded C16/C24 Machined / Regularised Whitewood
  • KD Graded C16 & Better Machined Softwood CLS
  • KD Machined Softwood
  • KD Heat Treated 56/30 Whitewood
  • KD Heat Treated 56/30 Redwood

Machine Timber

  • PAR
  • Architrave
  • Skirting
  • Quadrant
  • Dado Rails
  • Picture Rails
  • Shiplap Boarding
  • Handrail
  • Beading

In addition we offer a bespoke Machining service to any patterns and any volume that you may require.

Sheet Material

We carry an extensive range of sheet materials and panel products.

  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Structural Softwood Plywood
  • Veneered MDF, Plywood and Chipboard
  • Marine Plywood
  • Hardwood WBP Plywood
  • High quality Birch Plywood
  • PEFC/FSC Certified Boards
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
  • Chipboard Flooring
  • Spruce Plywood
  • Elliotis Pine Plywood
  • Far Eastern Plywood


We produce a full range of timber decking materials suitable for enhancing the garden environment. Components are available for posts, rails, steps and floor cladding. Material is available in both smooth and ribbed finishes.
All decking material is vacuum impregnated with Tanalith E, which is a safe, environmentally friendly method of treating timber used in outdoor applications.


We provide the following range of Fencing

Posts: Pointed or Unpointed

100×35 D Rail
150×35 D Rail

150×22 Weather Edge
100×22 Weather Edge
150×22 Round Top
100×22 Round Top
150×22 Ribbed Round Top
100×22 Ribbed Round Top