Carcassing Timber

The term “Carcassing Timber” generally refers to all the rough timber used in structural applications, for example roof battens, floor joists, rafters and studs for use in partitioned walls.  It comes in a variety of sizes from 50×22 to 300×75 and a range of lengths from 2.4m to 9.0m.

Flanagan Timber stock all these items and lenghts and also have the facility to treat them, if required.  Also included in this section is CLS timber for timber framed housing.  All our carcassing timber is kiln dried to 20% or less moisture content in line with building regulations.  All sections from 75×44 up are graded to strength C16 or better i.e. C18 or C24.  In this section we would include non-standard profiles such as firring pieces and angle fillets, which can be cut to any length or size as required.  All our timbers come from well managed and sustainable forests.  Regularising carcassing timber, particularly joisting and studding, is a process where all the timbers are put through a planer at speed to make sure they are all the exact same dimension.

Softwood is the main type of wood used in the construction industry in Ireland with spruce, also referred to as whitewood, being the most common species.
Decking, garden fencing and sleepers would also be included in this section and we stock a large selection of all of them.


Types of Carcassing Timber we stock

  • KD Graded C16/C24 Whitewood – Rough Sawn
  • KD Graded C16/C24 Redwood – Rough Sawn
  • KD Graded C16/C24 Machined / Regularised Whitewood
  • KD Graded C16 & Better Machined Softwood CLS
  • KD Machined Softwood
  • KD Heat Treated 56/30 Whitewood
  • KD Heat Treated 56/30 Redwood

Carcassing Timber Sizes

  • 50×22, 50×35, 50×44, 75×75
  • 75×22, 75×35, 63×44, 75×44, 100×75
  • 100×22, 100×35, 100×44, 125×75
  • 125×22, 115×35, 125×44, 150×75
  • 150×22, 150×35, 150×44, 175×75
  • 175×22, 175×35, 175×44, 200×75
  • 225×22, 225×35, 200×44, 225×75
  • 225×44, 250×75, 275×75, 300×75
Flannagan Timber - Carcassing Timber