Decking & Fencing

Decking is not only aesthetically appealing, but can also enhance your outdoor dining experience and boost the value of your property.

Here at Flanagan Timber, we provide a full range of quality timber decking material, with components available for posts, rails, steps and floor cladding.

Decking timber is available in both smooth and ribbed finishes.


Decking Components

150×35 Treated Decking 3.6m  4.2m  4.8m  5.4m
100×44 Treated Joists
150×44 Treated Joists
75×63 T Decking Handrail c/w infil
75×35 T Decking Base Rail c/w infil
50×50 T Decking Spindles
100×100 Decking Posts
100×100 Decking Post Caps

Weather Resistant

All of our decking material is vacuum impregnated with Tanalith E to protect it from the weather. This is a safe, environmentally friendly method of treating timber used in outdoor applications.



Flanagan Timber provide the following range of Fencing:

Posts: Pointed or Unpointed

  • 100×100
  • 100×75
  • 75×75


  • 100×35 D Rail
  • 150×35 D Rail


  • 150×22 Weather Edge
  • 100×22 Weather Edge
  • 150×22 Round Top
  • 100×22 Round Top
  • 150×22 Ribbed Round Top
  • 100×22 Ribbed Round Top


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Flannagan Timber - Decking & Fencing Flannagan Timber - Decking & Fencing