Flanagan Timber is fully compliant with EU regulations on strength grading and treatment for all of our timber products.

Our structural timber is graded and CE marked in accordance with Visual Strength Grading and Machine Strength Grading requirements I.S. 127 and I.S. EN 1408.



FSC® Certified

We use the highest quality raw materials, sourced from well managed and sustainable regulated forests, both at home and abroad.
Flanagan Timber is FSC® “Chain of Custody” certified for the purchase, storage, sale and distribution of FSC® Mix Timber Products; solid wood, sheet materials and planed wood, using the transfer system.

“…That the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes” (ic.fsc.org).

“ … And that forest operations are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or affected communities” (ic.fsc.org).

Flannagan Timber - Quality Flannagan Timber - Quality