Our Reps

Flanagan Timber’s Sales Reps are approachable and pleasant to deal with. They have built strong relationships with our customers over many years and offer a valuable bridge, between us and the people we serve.

They are highly experienced and knowledgeable on all aspects of timber merchandise and will provide you with information on the wide range of products and services available from Flanagan Timber.

They will advise you on our competitive pricing structure, the availability of new product lines, our quality, nationwide, delivery service and will keep you up to date regarding special offers and discounts.


We carry Large Stocks so you don’t have to

Here at Flanagan Timber, we carry a large landed stock of over ten thousand cubic meters at any one time, in a wide range of sizes and lengths.

We have regular deliveries from Sweden and the Baltic States, ensuring that our timber stocks are always maintained and replenished.

Our reps are aware that you need to keep your overheads as low as possible, so they will set up an account to suit your business model.

They will take orders for stock that are the best fit for both your company size and your customers’ needs, i.e. large, small, full or half bale orders, to suit individual requirements.


Weekly Visits

Our reps cover the four provinces of Ireland.  They can make weekly visits to you, to ensure that you have sufficient supplies to cater for customer demand and to provide help with any issues, queries or questions that you may have.


Flannagan Timber - Our Reps Flannagan Timber - Our Reps Flannagan Timber - Our Reps

Architects and Builders

Our sales reps are also available to consult with architects, builders and others involved in the construction industry.  They can provide valuable advice on the suitability of different timber products and viability of various timber treatment options.

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our reps to-day, please contact us directly or Tel: (041) 981 4800